1. Even though I call myself Ster on this website, that is not my real name. I'm from September '91 and supposedly a grown-up now.

2. I live in the Netherlands.

3. On my desk I have:
-.. A mess mainly. But also my laptop a house and a microphone if that tells you anything.

4. I painted my room orange and then I moved to my brothers former room and started hanging posters, missed that fase.

5. I like my whiteboard a lot and sometimes I wish it was bigger.

6. I'm slightly obsessive over some things, I found out that I'm not the only one.

7. I like sunny days and blue skies and I love to go on vacation and to be in the nature and to do random things and to talk to random people.

8. I want to be a musician, but I also want to be everything and just live and have adventures

9. I drink a lot of tea, am not opposed to drugs perse, which doesn't mean I use them, I'm interested in everything

10. There were butterflies on my walls.

11. You didn't really learn anything by this, go read the blog.