woensdag 23 mei 2012

Don't Break The Chain

So, a few weeks ago I saw this video where a chap names charlie explains the idea of the 'Don't break the chain'-method which basically means you hang a calender on your wall with all the days of the year and decide on something you need to do every day and you get to put a cross everyday you've done the thing you have to do.

And as I often have a problem with committing to certain things I have to do and I'm now and then trying things to help me commit to what I need to do I thought, well let's just give it a go.

So I've started up a 'Don't break the chain' thing. And although I still sometimes skip days it is actually helping my productivity. I've tried a lot of things, there's the '30-day' method, the general reward or punishment methods, there's telling other people to tell you to do it, but I never really took to it.
Now it can be that I'm growing up and my frontal cortex is starting to understand what my mind already understood but couldn't put to practice. That doing things is important. But maybe it's also that this method is right for me for a few reasons.
I suppose normally it's often all or nothing, if you skip one day, the whole idea falls apart. Here you might suspect that aswell but I notice that when I skip a day I don't like it that there's a hole in the chain, but I still feel motivated to start the chain again because if I don't, the calender hangs there and the non-productivity of my life is constantly staring me in my face. This method makes me realise better than all the other methods how productive or non-productive I am being. I can't fool myself as easily with this method, and it doesn't lose it's believability (yet).

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  1. "the non-productivity of my life is constantly staring me in my face."

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