maandag 8 augustus 2011


Did my first performance with The Jester, which went well.
Quite a few of you made it, if so, thank you for being there, your presence was much appreciated, if not, don't worry there will be another time.

Afterwards I went to Scotland with a few friends to walk the West Highland Way, which was great, although I hurt my knee what caused me to miss the last two days which was a shame. And I hate midges.
But my knee is recovering and the weather we had was brilliant and it was fun.

Now I'm back here again, trying to get used again to being on my own and not having a clear day rhythm.
I'll soon pick up working on my website again and go do a lot of things with friends and live.

So that's where I was, that's where I am and no one knows where we're going.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Please don't let the blog live up to its name =]

  2. I'd like to hear from you again, too.