donderdag 23 juni 2011

Coming: Website

I'm going to make a brand new, proper, good-looking, up-to-date, informative website.
It's very much still a work in progress and it will probably take a while for it to be finished, but it will be!
And the idea is that this website will become my official website where I show you guys what is going on, what I'm working on and my work itself.
My work will also be displayed properly on the website (instead of fragments of my work on a blog which doesn't really work as well) and will consist of the variety of things I make and be a selection of the work I want to show people.

I will also record some songs properly to post on there, so we don't need these crappy versions from here anymore.

There will (if I can make it work) be a blog-section on the website where I'll post regularly (more regularly then here).

I will keep you guys up to date on this process!

Do you have any thoughts on this?
What would you like to see on a website, what should I definitely not do? Any ideas on looks?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Labels for different kinds of works, like music, visual art and writing, are useful, because it enables you to access a specific kind you're interested in. It will also be nice to have to possibility to search the works by title/date/etc., if that's not too much to ask. If you don't like my ideas, not using them is no problem.
    But most of all, it must be what you want it to be, because it's about you.

  2. Ik vind het makkelijker om verbeterpunten te geven als ik de website al gezien heb :P Flauw! xD