zondag 14 november 2010

Autumn Forest

Finally a blog with photographs again. All my other photographs are still on my old computer, and I'm to lazy to transfer them (because it takes ages, because it's a lot and my old computer is slow). And there are also short clips I made for a project I'm working on, so that's on hold at the moment.

But these are new, a bit of experimental photographing in the forest.













I experimented a bit with different colour settings on my camera, and with sharpness. Tell me what you think, what do you like, what don't you like, what could be better, and please be honest.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I am not an expert on photography, but I'll give it a go.
    The one I like best is between '~n~' and '~F~', I like the intricate detail, the bits of moss between the cracks of the bark, etc. Very pretty.
    The one I like least is between '~u~' and '~t~', it tells me the least of all pictures, it looks like it has been made with a cellphone. I also like the first one, the top of the flower is sharp while the rest fades in blurryness, it has some kind of image poetry.

  2. I also like the first one and the one between "~n~" and "~F~", for the same reasons. The one I like the least (but it's still nice, according to me) is the one between "~r~" and "~e~". Those with slightly different colours than normal I like, but this one's a bit too much for me.

  3. Great sense of detail. Interesting, original angles that show the forest from a different point of view. Almost fairytalish ^^

  4. eyey
    mooie foto's, goed gevoel voor diepte!
    vooral de foto tussen A en U en de foto tussen U en M spreken mij heel erg aan. De foto tussen S en T geeft een warm zomer/herfst gevoel, ik krijg er spontaan zin in een bos wandeling van. Verder vind ik dat bij de foto tussen F en O en de foto tussen R en E iets te veel met de kleuren gespeeld is. Ik hoop dat de kritiek een beetje helpt.