zondag 1 augustus 2010

The Disaster

Warning: content is based on real events but might be slightly deformed by the writer's interpretation.

I was actually working on a blog, and making plans and art for other blogs, when my computer failed hugely.
My USB-portals died from a long and agonising disease, causing my pictures to be imprisoned in my camera and leaving my drawing tablet without a job, soon to be selling his home to be able to feed his pen.
Because of all this trouble, photoshop got a massive breakdown, believing that no one cared about him because no new pictures would show up, and no one would draw in him anymore.
Even youtube has no energy anymore to show me a whole video, it's depression is getting the better of him.
On top of all that,

quite literary,

an elephant decided to sit on my computer.

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  1. Heeft toch wel iets vreemds dat het zo opgeschreven is, dat ik nu zit te lachen om jouw ellende :S xD