zaterdag 5 juni 2010

My Butterfly Collection

I found out I have quite a lot of butterfly things in my room. And these are not even all of them. Isn't that fun to find out? Butterflies are such pretty animals. Do you have a lot of butterfly things in your room?

The butterfly on my bracelet

The Coldplay butterflies I brought from the concert

The butterfly I found dead in Australia and decided to bring home

This picture holder without a picture in it

The butterfly on my LeftRightLeftRightLeft cd

My butterfly chalkboard

The butterflies on my pants

This stuffed animal butterfly I got from my dear friend

And the selfmade butterflies on my walls

2 opmerkingen:

  1. aaah ><
    Ik had een reactie mnaar dit ding kliert me en nu ben ik geirriteerd xD

    Maar cool dat je een knuffelvlinder hebt, dan wist ik helemaal niet =O

  2. I just love love love butterflies! :)