woensdag 2 juni 2010


Today we went to our highschool to say goodbye with Loesje posters, which was an idea of my friend. And as we wanted it to be an actual surprise we decided not to ask for permission, which added some excitement to it. We tried to stay incognito but I don't think that completely worked out. Luckily there weren't much people in school.

So with our materials

We hung them everywhere

In the hallways

On the door from the room of our Coordinator

On the window in the bathroom

On the windows of the classrooms

And sometimes you just need to hang one on the trash

And now we just hope that they won't take it all down before people actually have seen it. There was one man that actually ripped some posters off the walls and put them in the trash. But we managed to safe two of them, although not in the same state as before.

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